juli 2012


We went to Tnsberg today (oldest city in Norway!) and did a bit of shopping. I was a bit dissapointed over only finding a pair of cute socks and this cute shirt from Cubus when we passed a accesso...

red and green.

Still hanging around at my cabbin. We've literally done nothing than sleep, eat delicious food and read, aswell as starting to watch supernatural. It's such a good show! I didn't know it was about ...

at the cabbin.

I am now at my cabbin with my girlfriend and my parents! We arrived yesterday (and so did the skirts me and my girlfriend ordered from Innocent World!) and everything is quite nice and dandy. I'm u...

inspiration eleven.

Gods Great Dust Storm

I've been waiting for ages for this, along with Lady Marlene, to be released in Studio Version and only now I found out it was on youtube several months ago. Haha, good job! Goooood jooob. Shivers...


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